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 Welcome to my website. I provide therapy/counseling to adults, adolescents and children at my Midtown Sacramento office. 
I specialize in treating PTSD, depression, anxiety and couples issues. My experience as a therapist has taught me that there is no one way to do therapy, rather that therapy is a collaborative process where therapist and client identify treatment goals and best therapies to support reaching those goals together.
My approach to therapy/counseling is interactive, client-centered and compassionate. During sessions I draw from many therapies including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, attachment theory, EMDR and minfulness therapies to decrease undesirable symptoms and improve the health of valued attachments. 
I have extensive training and experience in providing therapy to individuals with treatment resistant depression, anxiety, long-held unfulfilling behavioral patterns and relationship issues. I am EMDR certified and a full member of the national EMDR association.
I enjoy practicing and teaching Mindfulness to clients in my practice. Mindfulness has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on negative thoughts, worry thoughts, anxiety/depression and feelings of detachment. I am particularly fond of Mindfulness Self-Compassion which aims to teach clients to respond mindfully and compassionately to pain and suffering. I myself am intentional about practicing Mindfulness Self-Compassion as a daily practice.  
 I regularly participate in consultation with trusted
colleagues and continue to develop my skill sets as a therapist in order to provide the most effective treatments to my clients


 A little introduction to EMDR therapy for those who are unfamiliar:

(EMDR) is an evidence-based psychotherapy initially developed
for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. (EMDR) is also well
documented for the treatment of other psychiatric disorders,
mental health problems and somatic symptoms. (EMDR) is an
integrative psychotherapy approach that has been extensively
researched and proven effective for the treatment of trauma.  
(EMDR) is a non-drug, non-hypnosis therapy which can accelerate
your progress in therapy. (EMDR) is structured to resolve painful
memories undermining your confidence, courage and state of








My therapy practice is conveniently located off Business 80 in
Midtown Sacramento at 2830 I Street, suite 102, Sacramento. I
serve clients from Sacramento and the surrounding areas. I offer
a free 20 minute phone consult to answer any questions that you
may have and can be reached by phone at 916-749-8000 or email










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